Academia Cotopaxi

Admissions Process

Admissions Philosophy

All students at Academia Cotopaxi are accepted without regard to race, color, creed or ethnic origin.  We also accept children with a broad range of learning and developmental disabilities through Learning Support. Admission and placement decisions are based on the Academia Cotopaxi’s ability to appropriately meet the needs of those applying and are subject to space and resource limitations.  All prospective students must go through the admissions process and have met all the requirements to receive a final decision. Lastly, Academia Cotopaxi reserves the right to deny admissions to any child who does not meet the admissions requirements or when admission is not considered to be in the best interest of the applicant or the school.

When to Apply

Academia Cotopaxi has a rolling admissions policy that starts as early as October 1 of the year prior of the requested year of admission. Applications for admissions are accepted and reviewed throughout the year, and students can, when appropriate, be admitted during the school year. However, students from Ecuadorian schools may only be admitted during the first semester of the school year as permitted by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education. Prior to an application, parents are welcome to visit Academia Cotopaxi and discuss their children’s schooling needs.  Please email to schedule an appointment.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Please contact to receive the latest tuition fees. Financial Aid is available in specific cases and is granted after a full review of applicant’s financial situation. The Director of Admissions can guide you with application procedures and timelines. Limited scholarships are available once a student is enrolled in Academia Cotopaxi and are based on merit and global citizenship.

Learning Support

Parents whose child has special needs are asked to consult directly with Academia Cotopaxi before applying for admission to determine if the specific necessary resources are available. They will also be asked to provide supporting documentation including the most recent Educational and Psychological Assessment reports as well as copies of the Individual Education Plan from the applicant’s current school. Please review our Learning Support Brochure.

Age Requirements

Applicants must have reached their third or fourth birthday by October 1 for pre-school, fifth birthday by October 1 for kindergarten, sixth birthday by October 1 for Grade 1 and so on for the remaining grades.

Application Requirements

Step 1: Submission of all the required documentation.
Step 2: An evaluation. An evaluation may be waived if the applicant has taken a recent standardized test.  
Step 3: An interview.  

Please email to start the application process. In some cases additional testing may be required. The school makes every effort to provide parents with a decision as quickly as possible. This usually takes one to two working days after the interview has been completed.  If the decision is favorable, please refer to New Family Information for the requirements to enroll.


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