Academia Cotopaxi


Academia Cotopaxi values the arts as an essential part of every child’s education. Our music program begins with general music at the elementary level. These classes allow students an outlet for creative expression while training their ears, minds and voices to the foundations of listening to, appreciating and making music. The instrumental program at Academia Cotopaxi begins in the elementary years and continues through to high school. Every student has the opportunity to learn an instrument. The instrumental programs offered at the school include strings, piano and band. Numerous ensembles and performing opportunities are provided for students throughout the year. The music programs culminates in the IB music course offered in the 11th and 12th grade years. Students in this course have the opportunity to take their study of music to a higher level, both practically and intellectually.

Every student at Academia Cotopaxi receives a comprehensive education in the visual arts as well. Beginning in pre-k and continuing through grade 8, students receive weekly instruction in art. Students are challenged to express themselves, see the world in different ways and explore many different mediums for expression through art. Students with an avid interest in the visual arts can also continue their education in high school, culminating in the IB art course offered in the 11th and 12th grade years. This course challenges students to not only fine tune their skills as artists but to consider and strive to understand the theoretical foundations of art as well.

Academia Cotopaxi is particularly proud of its growing drama program. Every student in the middle school has exposure to this unique outlet for expression through an exploratory drama class offered each quarter. Students who wish to explore drama further may choose to continue their studies in several drama electives offered in the high school. In addition, students can continue their study in this subject area by choosing to take IB theatre in the 11th and 12th grade years. An in-depth course that allows students to study theatre from the angle of actor, director, technician and more, this class is certainly a valuable asset to the growing drama program at our school.

Teaching and Learning