Academia Cotopaxi

Welcome from Athletic Director

Welcome to our 2017 - 2018 Athletics Season! My name is Mr. Juan José Fuentes and I am the Athletic Director at Academia Cotopaxi. After a successful 2016-2017, I look forward to a year of growth, increased participation, more “fans in the stands” and smiles on our athletes’ faces. Athletics at Academia Cotopaxi begins at the Middle School level and the program continues through High School with a busy and attractive program that provides our students with appropriate competition, opportunities for growth and a lot of fun.

In Elementary School, students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and activities with an exploratory and developmental focus setting the foundation for our Athletics Program. Middle School Athletics is an all inclusive program. All students interested in learning and being part of the program are welcome. The sports offered are: Swimming, Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer. The information regarding practice days, times and competitions, is detailed in the MS and HS Athletics section of this website. High School Athletics adds more practice days and more competition. With these added demands come responsibility and dedication. All members of our teams owe themselves to their teams and their dedication is an expectation. Teams practice together, learn together and perform together. Come support our Cougars, fans are a big part of all competition and  your presence will certainly tip the odds in our favor. See you on the stands...



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