Academia Cotopaxi
Academia Cotopaxi

Elementary School

Learning happens with every experience...

The Elementary School attends to the unique needs of children from 12 months through 5th Grade, recognizing the importance of the first years of a child’s life. At Academia Cotopaxi, we are committed to laying a solid foundation that will result in life-long learning for all children. Our teachers truly understand the uniqueness of this age group, and most importantly, are passionate about working with children to guide their steps, anticipate their needs and accompany their cognitive and social/emotional learning journey in order for each child to reach the very best outcomes.

In 2013, Cotopaxi adopted the AERO standards for Literacy, Science, Social Studies and Math. These standards are aligned with the US Common Core standards, yet adapted for schools, like ours, offering American international programs outside of the United States. Academia Cotopaxi also offers art, music, physical education, technology integration, and library classes lead by specialists in these areas. In addition, all students, take-on a second language, and Spanish is offered beginning in Kindergarten. Students can also participate in a variety of extracurricular offerings including diverse sports, dance, arts, and other activities (homework club, cooking, Spanish).

Our inquiry based approach also extends to the development of character. We strive to provide students with ample opportunities to engage in positive interactions with each other and their environment, foster inclusion, and inspire life-long learning. In order to do so, we invite all of our families to partner with us and take an active role in our learning community.

Teaching and Learning