Academia Cotopaxi

Extracurricular Procedures and SignUps


1. Students can register for a maximum of 2 activities except for in Session II where students can choose 1 extra activity that is related to the International Festival.
2. Students up to and including Grade 4 should bring an extra snack.
3. Students can eat their snack in the afternoon at their activity at the beginning or end of their activity. The teacher will establish the time.
4. Students Grades 5-8 may bring a snack or buy one at the cafeteria snack bar using their school ID cards. The snack bar will be open from 3:05 p.m. to 3:10 pm.
5. Space is limited in some activities with 10-12 for students, unless otherwise specified in the ON-LINE Extracurricular Registration Form. We apply the policy of first-come first serve. Therefore, if your child is not able to get into the activity, please choose your second preference as explained in the form.
6. A minimum of 5 students are needed to open an activity. If the activity will not open for low enrollment, parents will be notified via email and offered other options.
7. Student may lose the privilege to attend Extracurricular Activities because of behavior problems.
8. After registration, there will be no reimbursements for paid activities of Soccer and
9. When an Extracurricular Activity is cancelled during the school day, parents are notified via email. A call is also made to reconfirm that the message has been received. Students will go home at 3:00 p.m. on this day.
10. After the second week of Extracurricular Activities, changes in activities will be not accepted.
11. Students who sign up for ALL YEAR ACTIVITIES Extracurricular Activities such as: Chinese, fencing, karate, piano, flamenco and choir class must remember that they are yearlong activities. These are long term activities which need commitment and work.  You will not need to re-register your child for Session II & III.  If students are unable to attend the activity, the parent must send an email justification for been absence at dproano@cotopaxi.k12.ec
12. If students have 3 consecutives absences will not be able to continue with any of the extracurricular Activities.  A notification will be send to parents.
13.  Registration for Extracurricular Activities and Sports is done ONLY ON-LINE on registration dates. High School program is done through HS office for sports or activities specified.
14. A reminder regarding the ending of each session and the new dates of registration will be sent home via email two weeks before the activity session ends; you can also find this information posted on the school website.

15.Transportation (late bus) is available for those students taking the AC bus transportation service. Review our extracurricular transportation here.

16. Fees. Academia Cotopaxi offers the Extracurricular Activities & Sports Program as a part of your regular membership fees except for the activity of Soccer with Little Kickers. Special dance clothes, shoes for dance activities, and extra materials for specialty activities like cooking, art, comics, Chinese, passport Around the World, Mukimono etc. are not covered.There is a material fee for these classes that needs to be paid during the week of registration. You will find the fees listed in the brochure.


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