Academia Cotopaxi


 Academia Cotopaxi offers Extracurricular Activities (Extracurriculars) in three sessions during the school year. Extracurricular offerings include: sports, art, music, drama, language and life/learning skills programs.  All activities are taught by an experienced instructor from our faculty or from a company that is specialized in the activity offered. At AC, we provide opportunities for students to reinforce classroom learning as well as pursue other interests related to the arts, culture, language and sports. AC’s Extracurricular program supports our mission and our “learning community” philosophy.

Kinder extracurriculars are offered for the last two sessions only in order to ensure that kindergarten students are adapted to their new routine before taking on extracurricular activities.

Students must sign up for Extracurriculars and transportation (late bus) is available for those students taking the AC bus transportation service. Enrollment process for Extracurriculars in entirely online and parents receive notification when extracurricular activities are open for enrollment and when the student’s space in the activity has been confirmed.


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