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Dominic Straessle
 Dominic Straessle - President of the Board of Trustees


"I have a letter that my great uncle sent from Ecuador to Switzerland in 1968. The last two paragraphs talk about his impressions of Ecuador. It sounds like it was written 15 days ago. Ecuador today, like back then, is a paradise, it is one of the few countries where you can live naturally: from what you eat to how you relate to others to how you do business.

I have strong ties to Cotopaxi. I was in Grade 5 and I was considered a bad student until my parents moved me to Academia Cotopaxi and that represented a turning point in my life. I really appreciate what the school has done for me and what it has done for my kids. There is an ambience here where they can blossom.

Ecuador is a very happy country and after studying overseas I moved back to Ecuador and formed my family here. Life has made sure that we stay."




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