Humans of Cotopaxi

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Humans of Cotopaxi


We are a diverse community that recognizes that our beauty, richness and strength  is in every human that makes up our community. Inspired by Brandon Stanton’s work in Humans of New York, the essence of this project is to interview members of our community and to take their photograph in order to share how we embrace uniqueness amongst our diverse students, staff, parents that make up our learning community.



  • Build community and school spirit through community testimonials and photographs.
  • Tell “our story” and promote understanding amongst different interest groups
  • Show that we are living our Mission: diversity, inclusion, international etc.
  • Teach AC students about photojournalism, writing, user generated content through real
     life experience/campaign


Selection and Publication Process

Our aim is to represent all AC community members. Periodically during the year, we randomly select a “Cotopaxi Human” from one group of members - students, parents, staff (ensure every division and program is represented), alumni, board. The person is interviewed and photographed. For students, we ask for written permission from parents prior to the interview. We reserve editorial rights to publish or not publish interview/photograph.

Once we have the project underway, we will encourage student co-collaboration in the form of shadowing in the interview or photography stage and helping with writing. We strongly suggest that teachers show their students the work of Brandon Stanton prior to this collaboration taking place.