Life at AC


Esther Clark
Director of External Relations


Narrative, Writing and Overall Direction

Esther lives and works in Quito, Ecuador – the “middle of the world” – but has traveled and sailed extensively (over 35 countries) since the age of 10. Esther is passionate about creating value for companies and society by bridging the gap between business and stakeholders through effective communications, branding and engagement strategies. She has worked for startups, government agencies and major brands. She writes for America Econnomia and Forbes magazines on topics related to strategy and leadership. Follow her @clarkesther



Gabriel Cadenas
Spanish Department / Faculty Member at Academia Cotopaxi



Mr. Cadenas works with the External Relations department in capturing AC students, events, community and special moments on film. Gabriel began working in sports photography in the 1980s in his native Venezuela and continues to capture exceptional moments in Ecuador. He has taken photographs from helicopters, motorcycles, boats and on foot – finding the right angle, light and position to take the authentic photo of the athlete, the person or the moment. His website:

Gabriel believes that moments in life are unique, special, volatile or ephemeral not easily repeated with the same dimension, peculiarity, emotion, color or intensity; these are the moments that deserve to be immortalized and for Gabriel, photography is the best way to do this.


Valeria Larco
Strategic Initiatives and Development / Administrator - IMAGINE


Narrative and collaboration

Valeria is a natural teacher passionate about learning and using innovative approaches to inspire her team and create new projects, initiatives and research that serve community needs.  She believes in the power of working in collaboration and makes this part of the vision, strategy, and growth plans for IMAGINE.

Her interest in communication and storytelling has led her to combine photography, video making and social media to create multimedia content for internal and external use that tells the story of IMAGINE and contributes to documenting learning.

She believes that the beauty of every human being who crosses our path will build on our growth and holistic development.  Follow her @LarcoVela