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Learning Support Services

The Learning Support Department:

Our Learning Support Department includes a staff of Learning Specialists, Paraprofessionals, Guidance Counselors and a School Psychologist, all of whom are qualified and experienced professionals. They possess academic training and professional experience in the field of Learning Disabilities, Learning Differences, Special Education, Guidance and Counseling, and School Psychology. Each of them is assigned to a specific division – Elementary School (Prek-G5), Middle School (G6-8) and High School (G9-12), where they work closely with the Principal and the classroom teachers within that division. Our Guidance Counselors are certified mental health professionals with substantial experience in supporting students with emotional, behavioral and academic needs. Our School Psychologist is a well-established professional in our community. Having been trained in the United States, and working at our school for over 20 years, she has extensive experience supporting a wide range of needs across all ages and grades. This team of qualified and skilled professionals provide an incredible resource to our community and are champions of our inclusive programming.

More information on Admissions, our approach to determining a program of support and the range of support services we offer can be found in our e-brochure below.


Learning Support Brochure


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