Academia Cotopaxi

Life at AC

In addition to academics, AC recognizes the importance of providing students with a global education and opportunities to build citizenship. A clearly articulated global citizenship philosophy along with the school’s core values guides developmentally appropriate activities for the different grade levels in our learning community.


Ecuador provides a host environment culturally rich and geographically diverse and AC leverages the country’s resources to enhance learning, especially in the subject of Spanish and areas related to the social sciences. Students learn from a broad spectrum of experiences ranging from Spanish language instruction beginning in Kindergarten to educational field trips ranging from visits to local museums to our high school science trip to the Galapagos Islands. The school also seeks to provide students with opportunities to interact with those outside of the Cotopaxi community, through sports, social involvement and academic and art competitions.

Involvement in athletics is based on a developmentally appropriate approach to competitive sports in soccer, volleyball, basketball and swimming. And teams compete at home and abroad. The school’s auditorium hosts art exhibits year round and students participate in music and drama programs impressing audiences year round. After-school students can participate in a variety of athletic, recreational and academic activities.

Parents at Academia Cotopaxi are involved in the school in many ways and through this committed partnership support student learning in many different ways. Parent input is appreciated and the administration makes a clear effort to establish effective communication through face to face encounters in the form of meetings with teachers and administration, special opportunities to share and discuss with the school director and community (including PTO), social media and newsletters/blogs, parent-teacher conferences, and an overall open-door policy at all levels.

Life at AC