Academia Cotopaxi

Sports Philosophy

Grades 1-5:  Developmental Athletics

At Academia Cotopaxi we believe that a strong co-curricular athletics program can, as well as a strong academic program, help prepare students to both enjoy and be successful in life.  The Developmental Athletics program is designed for students in grades 1-5 to learn basic developmental skills:

           - Sportsmanship and Camaraderie
           - Respect and Responsibility
           - Commitment
           - Basic Motor skills

In a fun, non-competitive, and safe environment developing student athletes will have the opportunity to experience basic physical activities to support their growth and development.

Soccer for Students in grades 1-5 will be offered during the three sessions of Extracurricular Activities; At the end of each season students will have a fun Jamboree game.

  • Grade 1-2         Monday & Wednesday
  • Grade 3-4-5      Tuesday & Thursday

We also offer Fencing for students 4-5 and Gr. 5-8 with the following schedule during the 3 sessions of Extracurricular Activities.

  • Introduction to Fencing Grade 4-5        Wednesday
  • Fencing Beginners Gr. 5-8                   Monday & Wednesday
  • Fencing Intermediate I Gr. 5-8             Tuesday & Thursday

At the end of 3rd session we have a friendly tournament to celebrate what students have learning during the school year.


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