Our first MS Social of the school year was an overwhelming success! Students played basketball, ping-pong and volleyball, danced, and had positive interactions with friends. With approximately half the Middle School in attendance, it was a night to remember. A big congratulations to our House Leaders for organizing the event! The MS hosts four Socials a year, the next will be in November.

Sun Exposure

We are adapting our practices to ensure our students are "sun safe" at all times. For this reason, we would ask that you please ensure your child has a hat at school. For younger grades, use of sunscreen and hats are standard practice. We would highly recommend that this practice is adopted by all students and that parents ensure all students have a hat to wear at school. For those students who change into Physical Education (PE) clothes, please ensure that students have a long sleeved cotton shirt or UV protective for practice and PE classes.

Goal Setting Conferences

At the time of this publishing we will be in the midst of Goal Setting Conferences. Thank you for your participation - I will share notes from the day in next week’s newsletter.

Feedback to the Middle School

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the Middle School on the survey which was sent after Back to School Night. I have been collating the responses, and will share them with you in an upcoming newsletter.

Important Reminders

Students staying after school - Please note that MS students must leave campus directly after school unless they are staying for an AC activity (MS activities or athletics). Students in an AC sponsored activity may ride the 4:15pm bus, all others should use their regular means of transportation directly after school. This is for the safety of your child. All adults who are on campus after school are engaged in specific activities and are not able to supervise other students.

Student absences - If your child will miss two or more days of school, for any reason, s/he must obtain a Pre-Arranged Absence form from the MS Office. The student takes this form to all teachers to discuss homework obligations, and then the form is signed by the MS Principal. Additionally, parents should call the MS Office in as far advance as possible to report these types of absences. Thank you.

With kind regards,

Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal

"We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive change."