We are continuing a math initiative with our grade 9 and 10 students that Mr. Olson began last year. Students will input their math MAP scores into Khan Academy. Khan Academy then creates a differentiated learning plan for each student’s skill set which will help them develop mastery of skills. Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, describes the learning process in this TedTalk. Your student (if in grade 9 or 10) will bring home their MAP report this Friday. Ask them about the program and how it relates to their math learning. Thank you for your support.

Supporting Teenage Health:

Freedom from Chemical Dependency will again visit Academia Cotopaxi this coming November. Ms. Delaney Keyes-Voeller, HS Counselor, will share meeting times for parents in an upcoming newsletter. The organization provides current research about adolescent brains, and what happens when drugs and alcohol are abused. FCD provides strategies to help our students keep safe, remain in control of their body and decision making abilities and be able to say “NO”. Thank you for your support of this program and for helping us keep all of our students safe throughout the year. While teenage parties are common place, we can all help to make them safe by being present, checking in with our child, asking questions about where the party will occur and who will be there to chaperone, and by cultivating honest and trusting relationships with our child.

School Uniforms/Dress Code:

This week begins our first official uniform day at AC in the HS. All students should have purchased, picked-up and now be wearing the uniform.

"From the Student - Parent Handbook p. 43 All students must wear a polo with the AC logo on the left side. AC Cougar dry-fit shirts are also acceptable. If students choose to wear sweaters, vests, hoodies or jackets, these must also have the AC logo on them. Most pants and skirts, including jeans are permitted. They must be in good condition, without holes and not torn or frayed. "Short shorts, mini skirts, pajama bottoms are not appropriate for school. The Uniform is now expected and required. Please plan on having lunch in the Learning Commons if you are out of uniform. Our Friday Dress Code p. 44 reads "Shirts should be tucked in or overlap with pants or skirts at all times. Bare midriffs are not acceptable. Clothing may not be excessively baggy, short or tight. Language or pictures on clothing condoning or explicitly or implicitly advertising alcohol, drugs, racism, sex, tobacco or foul language is not permitted."

HS Parents, please help us in helping our student body be dressed appropriately for school, by ensuring your child is wearing the uniform. Thanks for your help!

Athletics News:

Academia Cotopaxi has withdrawn from this season’s CAISSA Volleyball Tournament at Carol Morgan School, Dominican Republic, due to the elevated costs of flight tickets for those dates.

The Volleyball season continues until the end of October with the QISSA Play-offs, the JV Invitational Tournament hosted by Einstein, and AASSA that will be hosted by Alliance Academy.

  • Varsity play Menor at AC on Thursday
  • JV will play at Menor on Thursday - Go Cougars!

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal