School Director's Welcome


School Director's Welcome

On behalf of our entire learning community, I would like to welcome you to Ecuador and Academia Cotopaxi American International School! Cotopaxi is a school of academic excellence, but our commitment to learning goes far beyond knowledge. We believe in fundamental skills, respect for diversity, and a nurturing and loving commitment to the planet and all members of the global society.
For those considering relocating to Ecuador, congratulations! This is a beautiful and incredibly diverse land, geographically, ecologically and culturally. In Quito we are surrounded by majestic peaks of the Andes mountains and an ideal spring-like climate year-round. From the city one can view snow-capped volcanoes such as the Cotopaxi Volcano, from which our school gets its name. Within a few hours one can be in the lush Amazon rainforest, warm beaches of the Pacific Coast or further afield, the unique ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is one of the most biologically diverse countries on the planet.

This year Academia Cotopaxi is proud to celebrate 60 years as a leading international school in Latin America and the world. While honoring our distinguished past our school is focused on a future-oriented learning experience that prepares students for the massive changes and innovations that are transforming Ecuador and the world beyond. School today is very different from what the parents of our students experienced. New technologies, programs, assessment practices, documentation of student achievement and communication with parents are a few aspects of our continuous innovation. Our educators are also learners, lifelong learners. They are continually acquiring new approaches to teaching and putting these into practice while collaborating with their peers and colleagues at Academia Cotopaxi and around the world. In short they are modelling what we aspire for our students – to be life-long learners who know how to benefit from working alongside others and with cutting- edge technology. 

In ecology we know that the strongest and most resilient ecosystems are those with the most diversity. The same is true for the society and economy into which our students will one day enter. Our goal is for students to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives while curiously exploring the interconnectedness of the subjects they study. Students of all ages are encouraged to practice empathy, compassion, and respect from multiple viewpoints. At Academia Cotopaxi we know that the world not only needs smart people, it needs honorable and ethical young citizens to actively move society forward.

Our school prides itself on being an inclusive learning environment that welcomes students with a broad range of learning needs from over 30 nations. From the gifted and talented to students who are acquiring English, we have programs that are designed to enable each student to develop to their full potential and ownership of their own learning. Humanity faces incredibly complex challenges. It will take all members of our society, no matter what their backgrounds, ethnicity, gender, uniqueness, gifts and individual challenges, to be empowered to reach their full potential in order for all to collectively address the fundamental challenges of our planet. We see embracing diversity as an opportunity to make the world a better place.

It takes a community to educate a child. We understand that parents are key members of that community. We see parents as partners in the education of their children. Supportive parents, who are engaged and aware of their child’s school experience, are proven to be an essential element of academic success. Thus, we encourage parents to follow our many forms of school-home communication. We also want parents to feel welcome to visit our campus, participate in the many special events and, in particular, attend the events specifically designed to inform parents how to extend home learning and build a trusting partnership between the classroom and home.

I have had the fortune to teach and lead learning in multiple international schools in Latin America, Asia, Europe, North America and Africa and I can honestly say, without any hesitation or exaggeration, that Academia Cotopaxi has a spirit, a warmth and a professional ethic and commitment to excellence and inclusion unlike anywhere I have experienced. This is a very special place in a special city and country.

We hope you and your children will join our learning community.


Robert van der Eyken