Principal's Welcome

Elementary School

Principal's Welcome

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Academia Cotopaxi’s Elementary School. Your children join a community that is strengthened by each of its members, and we invite you to connect with other families as we partner in this beautiful journey with your children. 

Together, we will accompany each of our children as they experience their personal story of growth, inclusion and happiness. We believe that all children can learn, and each learning journey will result in the construction of new and enduring understandings, skill development, social-emotional growth, and higher levels of student agency.

Students are at the center of our work. The evidence of their learning guides our teaching practice.  Their interests are recognized and students are encouraged to pursue personal passions.Teachers and other community members create strong relationships that set the foundation for the continuous growth of our students. Classrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds, greeting areas, gardens, hallways… all of these will be lived as opportunities to positively interact with children, making them feel safe and empowered.

As parents, you are the most important people in your children’s lives, and we are excited to work in partnership with you to give our students the absolute best. Children’s experiences outside of school are immensely valuable and applying their learning to real life is powerful.  In our division, this is the fifth year where we do not send traditional homework. We want to give students the gift of childhood so they can read, develop through play, daily enjoy the outdoors, and pursue personal passions while positively interacting with parents, siblings and other family members.

We value children’s uniqueness, set high expectations and strive to inspire beautiful leaders.  With you, this will be a fantastic year for all of our students!
With warm regards,
Paola, Robin y Verónica

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal

Robin Wheeler
Elementary Associate Principal (3-5)
Veronica Rodriguez
Elementary Associate Principal (PK - 2)