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High School

The High School division of Academia Cotopaxi encompasses grades 9 through 12. Students follow a college preparatory course of studies that prepares them for further study at colleges and universities around the world. The curriculum leads to a US-accredited high school diploma as well as the IB Diploma, IB certificates and Ecuadorian Diploma.

High School students at Academia Cotopaxi are positive and motivated. An atmosphere of responsibility and respect is promoted and there are strong relationships between students and teachers. Students are encouraged to speak up and work for positive change; HS faculty and administration are committed to working as a team with students and parents.

Dear Students and Parents:

To all our new students and parents, I am delighted to welcome you to Academia Cotopaxi American International School. To all of our returning students and parents, I wish to say how fortunate I believe we all are to be a part of this school community. I look forward to meeting you and to working with you to enhance the outstanding tradition of excellence in education at ACAIS while also providing a rewarding and safe environment for our students. 

Students in grades 9 and 10 take a program of eight classes each year, including English, Spanish, History, Science, and Math. They also take courses to meet requirements in Physical Education, Fine Arts (visual arts, music, or drama) and Technology.

The Diploma Programme is a comprehensive two-year international curriculum that generally also allows students to fulfill the requirements of their national or state education systems. In Ecuador, we are working closely with the requirements of the Ministry of Education for this to happen.

At Academia Cotopaxi, the college search process is a vital part of a student’s development and education. Our goal is to provide student centered counseling which will foster independence and confidence among students so that they can find a college that matches their intellectual and social interests and needs.

Here you will find the High School handbook. This is the reference for all students and parents/guardians; communication of school policies and of what is expected from each member of our community helps promote a healthy and successful relationship between home and the school.

Students at Academia Cotopaxi follow a dress code. High School dress code is reviewed every year and adjustments made to our list of items to support the optimal learning environment.

This program guide is compiled to help high school students (grades 9-12) choose a course of studies which meets their needs. Counselors, teachers and mentors, the IB Diploma Coordinator, the High School Principal, and parents all guide students in this process.