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Middle School

The Middle School meets the needs of children from 6th to 8th Grade. Grades 6-8 have elements of the PYP Units of Inquiry Program such as the core values, an inquiry approach to learning, the IB student learner profiles and attitudes and the IBO mission statement which drives our curriculum in general from PK-G12.

Students in Grades 6 through 8 work with two core teachers for the Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies) and Math and Science. Global Citizenship, Art, Music, PE, Technology and Spanish are also an important part of the Academia Cotopaxi curriculum. Students in Grades 6-8 also engage in community service projects and exploratory classes.

Welcome to the Middle School at Academia Cotopaxi! Academia Cotopaxi is a community that values diversity, embraces a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, and inspires empathetic and ethical student leaders. We foster creativity, a spirit of inquiry, and the development of a lifelong love of learning through a wide variety of age appropriate program offerings.

Middle School uses AERO standards to ensure curriculum consistency and alignment with US Common Core standards.

Here you will find the Middle School handbook. This is the reference for all students and parents/guardians; communication of school policies and of what is expected from each member of our community helps promote a healthy and successful relationship between home and the school.

Students at Academia Cotopaxi follow a dress code. Middle School dress code is reviewed every year and adjustments made to our list of items to support the optimal learning environment.