The International Baccalaureate, the IB, the Diploma Programme, the IB Certificates… Many terms that we hear a lot in many conversations. Do we really know what they mean? During the workshop, we will go through the general structure of the IB DIploma, the courses that we offer at AC, the different diplomas that AC High School students may go for and we will review the minimum grades and pathways for success.  In addition, we will look at how these pathways and choices affect the college application process.





is the High School Associate Principal and IB Diploma Coordinator at Academia Cotopaxi.



is the High School College Counselor at Academia Cotopaxi.


  • Understanding the IB Diploma.
  • Understanding the different diplomas and different tracks at AC.
  • Understanding how these different tracks affect the college counseling process.

Target Group: 10th Grade Parents.

Location: High School Learning Commons.

Date & Time: November 9th, 2017 @ 6:00 p.m.

NO RSVP needed