Parent Night - Helping to Support your Child as a Writer

Learning to write is a lifelong behavior that develops over time. During this parent meeting, the process of writing development that the teachers are monitoring in school will be shared as well as samples of student writing at each developmental stage. Another topic that will be shared is how children develop as spellers. Strategies to use in your home with your child to promote the love of writing as well as growth will also be presented.

Working with Academia Cotopaxi's Teachers

Carrie Ekey is an International Literacy Consultant. She brings the latest research in instruction and staff development to literacy initiatives so teachers can grow in understanding and effectiveness. Carrie is a former teacher, staff developer, and curriculum specialist. Carrie Ekey’s consulting experience in hundreds of schools worldwide has informed the rubrics in The Next-Step Guide to Enhancing Writing Instruction (2010) and The Next-Step Guide to Enriching Classroom Environments (2010) both co-authored with Bonnie Campbell Hill.