Summer is right around the corner, and our students are excited about what is coming.  Summer presents a grand opportunity to connect with your children, to watch them grow, to inspire them and to be inspired by them! 

Closure and keeping in touch
This week, we will spend lots of time providing opportunities for adequate closure.  Students will reflect on their learning, on their friendships and on their environments.  They will help to pack their classes, organize materials for next year and leave spaces clean and ready for those who will come next year to their class.  This symbolic action will help them to have adequate closure and contribute as members of our beautiful community.  

Remember to send in used or new backpacks and school supplies this week.

Especially if you are moving, take the time to acknowledge your child’s feelings about leaving Cotopaxi, their friends and their familiar environment.  Our counselors are available to support, so do not hesitate to contact them as needed.

Report Cards will be sent home digitally on Friday afternoon.  Please make sure that you have no outstanding bills and your child has returned all library books.  The Library does have a summer schedule for you to check out resources and you will find this information in our Summer Learning section on our web. 

Connection Campaign
Last year, I invited parents to join me in a “connection campaign” and disconnect from distractors allowing us to engage in powerful ways with our children.  Many parents shared how powerful this was.  They had made a family plan for use of devices, some even leaving them behind on trips, and creating intentional opportunities to be with each other.  So again, be present to listen to their stories, to laugh together, to cook together, to visit new places, to work on an inspiration, to fail together, to get up, to snuggle watching a movie classic, to theorize and experiment, to help others, to learn a new skill together, to build something, to invent, to immerse yourselves in the magic of stories by reading every day.  Be that parent that has left the mobile device (or other distractor) to give yourself the privileged gift of parenting.

Summer learning continues…
There are many studies that have concluded that summer can be a time of learning loss; yet the good news is, that it doesn’t have to be. Learning will certainly continue during the summer, thanks to the opportunities that you will present. Reading, writing and math engagements are strongly encouraged and have proven to enhance students’ performance over the years, when these happen during the summer months.  While maintaining and strengthening concept and skill development in reading, writing and math are critical, supporting your child’s personal understanding of themselves, and strengthening their emotional development will present them with a lifetime gift. So include activities that relate to the arts, understanding of society and global thinking and that support a holistic approach to development. Also, let’s take advantage of the time you have with your children to strengthen their self-esteem and inundate them with love!

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Paola de Pereira
ES Principal