Welcome to a new year!

I hope that everyone enjoyed a fantastic summer break. Your teachers and administrators have been working hard to be ready for you and we can’t wait to see you all.

This year, the High School is launching three High School pillars that will shape everyone’s High School experience:

Be present                    Do your best                             Get involved

Indeed, those three elements are going to be the main direction of your High School. To be successful, we need students to be coming to school and to be physically and mentally present in class, to be ready to do their best all the time, including the formative assessment, and to get involved in after school and out-of-school activities. We believe this is the key to success. So I am truly excited to launch these pillars.

HS Schedule
This year, we are running a new schedule. Here you will find the regular schedule and the 4 modified schedules.The 8 block rotation is still there, but we are running 4 blocks a day.  Every Monday will be an AM Cougar schedule to allow for assemblies and mentor time.

Individual Schedules
Students can access their own class schedules on Skyward. If they are issues with schedules, please talk to our counselors (Mr Wasser for 11th and 12th graders and Ms Keyes Voeller for 9th and 10th graders

Discover Ecuador
This is coming up the week of August 27-31. Here is the folder with the information regarding the trips.

Mr. Wasser and Ms. Keyes are thrilled to be starting off our new school year with you! We have high hopes and expectations for our students to continue to grow as learners and global citizens. If you or your students have any questions about your students’ schedules, academic plans or general well-being, please feel free to contact us. Please see Mr. Wasser for grades 11 & 12 and Ms. Keyes for grades 9 & 10 and for all emotional wellness issues.

Get Ready Cougars! The Athletics season will begin on August 22nd and 23rd with the Boys and Girls Volleyball Tryouts. On the week of September 3rd, we will begin Swimming and Girls Soccer.
8/22 - 8/23 Boys and Girls Varsity Volleyball Tryouts
9/3 - 9/4 Girls Varsity Soccer Tryouts
9/3 Swimming Season Begins

Go Cougars!

Fred Bordaguibel
HS Principal