ES Mar 6

Have you commented on your child’s SeeSaw?
Thank you for your participation in your child’s conferences.  Your genuine interest in your child’s learning has a direct impact in your child’s attitudes and behaviors around learning.  We invite you to continue to engage in conversations about what your child is learning and how they acquire new understandings.  Teachers are posting many examples on SeeSaw and you are encouraged to comment on your child’s portfolio. Children enjoy reading parents’ comments and grow from this experience.  

Who we are..
You may have seen a couple of news articles and interviews related to Cotopaxi over the past couple of weeks.  We have been approached by different media representatives to speak about our approach to learning and how we attend to special needs. There seems to be growing interest in private and public education to provide environments where all students can access learning.  As an inclusive school, we firmly believe that all children can learn and have systems in place to support the needs of all of our learners.  Our families play an important role in this culture.  Your understanding of differences and appreciation for these differences results in inclusive actions.  I want to thank you for providing socially inclusive experiences for children outside of school.  We hear stories of beautiful friendships and these are thanks to you!

Inquiry Corner
As educators we focus on truly capturing what evidence of learning are student’s showing us to track their uniqueness, celebrate their success, and find next steps in learning. This week, our teachers will participate in a Professional Development, facilitated by the IBO, focused on Evidencing Learning where we deepen our understanding of monitoring, documenting, providing feedback, and reporting learning.  How do your children show you they have learned?  How can we as adults best gather evidence of learning to support the learning process?  How do parents and school partner together to deepen learning?

Upcoming Events
March 12-13: Kinder Session III Extracurricular Activities Online registration
March 19: Parent Workshop: How Do You Enhance Your Child’s Self-Esteem? 8:15 a.m., Library

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal