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We will host the PYP visiting team beginning on Monday, March 18.  This is a special time for our school as we engage in our third re-authorization.  Academia Cotopaxi was the first school in Ecuador to offer the IB Diploma in 1985 and then again became the first school in Ecuador to offer the IB PYP program.  We strongly believe in inquiry driven learning.  We respect children’s interests and their questions and wonderings are sought to support their own growth.

This week, I see again that there are very few comments on children’s entries on SeeSaw.  I am repeating the information from last week as being a short week, perhaps it was missed.  We look forward to seeing you actively providing feedback to your children.  

Have you commented on your child’s SeeSaw?
Thank you for your participation in your child’s conferences.  Your genuine interest in your child’s learning has a direct impact in your child’s attitudes and behaviors around learning.  We invite you to continue to engage in conversations about what your child is learning and how they acquire new understandings.  Teachers are posting many examples on SeeSaw and you are encouraged to comment on your child’s portfolio. Children enjoy reading parents’ comments and grow from this experience.  

Inquiry Corner
It is with great honor that we open our doors for the IBO PYP Visiting team.  This is an experience for us to share our great stories and the impact that learning is having on our students’ lives.  The visiting team will observe our inquiry practices, celebrate our achievements, and support our action plans, as we continuously improve our teaching and learning practices.  Please welcome Priscila and Lauren - IBO PYP Visiting Team, re-authorization 2019.  

Upcoming Events
March 12-13
: Kinder Session III Extracurricular Activities Online registration
March 19: Parent Workshop: How Do You Enhance Your Child’s Self-Esteem? 8:15 a.m., Library

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal