ES Mar 19

Visiting Author
We are excited to welcome award-winning author Linda Sue Park to Academia Cotopaxi for three days of learning engagements for all students, April 1-3.  There will be divisional as well as grade-level presentations, a writing workshop and a parent reception. More detailed information will be shared soon. Watch Linda Sue Park's Ted Talk, Can A Children's Book Change The World?

Linda Sue Park is internationally recognized for her picture books, poetry and fantasy novels, as well as her moving historical fiction; stories that help readers better understand differences and struggles between people in the world around us.  Linda Sue Park is the recipient of many literary honors, including the prestigious 2002 Newbery Award. 

The Giving Tree Bookstore will be selling books by Linda Sue Park in the lobby of the auditorium from 8:00-4:00 on April 1.  Titles and prices are listed below.  Buy a book on Monday and have Linda Sue Park personalize your copy!

A Long Walk to Water $10.20
A Single Shard   $10.20
Xander's Panda Party  $10.20
39 Clues Trust No One   $16.45
39 Clues Aviso de Tormenta   $16.95
El Aprendiz   $22.95   

Inquiry Corner
This week Grade 4 students will showcase their learning about being Risk-takers and Communicators.  Their PYP Assembly, on March 19 will highlight how media can inform and influence the choices we make.  How do you see media influencing yourself?  Your family?  These students have been tasked to create original works that inform our community about the Academia Cotopaxi stories.  Thank you Grade 4 for sharing your learning.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal