HS Mar 19

Dear parents,

Quarter 3 is ending on Friday and report cards will be available on Skyward (instructions) from Monday March 25th. On Tuesday, you are all invited for the student-led conferences. Students are reflecting  upon those 2 main guiding questions:
        -based on my September ATL goal, what progress have I made in my classes?
        -what is this ATL goal looking like for the 9 school weeks left?
Student will enter their reflection on ManageBac and they will should refer to the ATL rubric. We truly believe that those ATL are the skills that we need to focus on more than simply grades and we can’t wait to have those conversations with you.

Career Day: April 9th
Career Day is a special day where we invite working professionals to Academia Cotopaxi to share their insights from the world of work with our students.  It is a wonderful day where students are able to make connections between what they are studying and what they intend to study in university to the personal stories that are shared.  Would you be interested in sharing your story? Think about what you would tell your 18-year old self.  That knowledge is invaluable!  If you are interested in presenting in either English or Spanish, please contact Mr. Lysha Wasser (lwasser@cotopaxi.k12.ec) for more details. We would highly appreciate your participation as your unique story can make a huge difference and impact in the life of a student.

Yesterday, half of our 10th grade students received their “babies” as part of our teen pregnancy prevention program, Baby, Think it Over.  The second group will begin their turn on Wednesday. This is a great opportunity for every family to talk with your children about your values and hopes for their futures.

A big thank you to AC Parents, Ms. Gabriela Giliberti and Ms. Cristina Wohlgemuth, who shared their expertise in Nutrition Health Coaching with our 9th grade students this week. They shared information on healthy living and eating and encouraged our students to think about the balance in their own lives.  9th grade parents, please ask your students to share their “Circle of Life” exercise with you.

IB Corner
Our seniors finished their Mock Exams last week and now have 6 weeks of school before our IB and AC Final Exam testing begins. Our Juniors are working on a variety of IB tasks, including their Extended Essay. Their first draft is due in two months and is a major milestone towards completing this essential IB task. 

Seniors and Senior Parents
We will be meeting about the senior service trip on Wednesday, March 27th from 3:00-4:00pm  with our partner, GreenTrek

Senior Capstones
Our senior class will be presenting their two year CAS program to a panel of teachers on Wednesday, April 10th. This is the culmination of two years of work for them. Please mark you calendars - parents are invited! 

QISSA Games coming up:
3/19:    Boys JV & Varsity  Basketball at Alliance Academy. JV at 4:15 & Varsity at 5:45.
3/20:    Boys JV Soccer play Einstein at AC. Game begins at 4:15.
    Boys Varsity Soccer at Einstein, game begins at 4:15.
3/21    Girls JV & Varsity Basketball play Alliance at AC. Both games begin at 4:15.
3/25    Boys Varsity Soccer play Alliance at AC. Game begins at 4:15.
    Boys JV Soccer at Alliance. Game begins at 4:15.
3/26    Boys JV & Varsity Basketball play Einstein at AC. Both games begin at 4:15.
Thank you!
Fred Bordaguibel 
High School Principal