ES Apr 23

We hope you have enjoyed the time with your children over this break.  As we head close to the end of the school year, we invite you to reflect on the important moments that you spend with your children and celebrate how these moments support their learning and foster a positive relationship with you.  As your children grow, they will become more interested in being independent, yet the values that you instill will be close to them for the rest of their lives.  This coming weekend, we will celebrate our diversity at the annual international festival.  When thinking about what makes us unique, we also celebrate what brings us together. This week, speak to your children about their attitudes towards inclusion.  Ask them who they play with and who they invite to play with them.  Share your own experiences in school when you felt that you were being kind to others and ask them for examples of their own kindness.  Engage in conversations about how we demonstrate respect for the abilities, backgrounds and perspectives of others.  Then move beyond respect to speak about appreciation.  Help your children to value all human beings and to demonstrate caring attitudes.  Smile at your uniqueness and embrace our differences!

This week, our fifth grade students are focusing on raising awareness about different social issues that they have been researching as part of their final Exhibition of Learning experience.  You will receive information via WhatsApp and we ask that you support the different causes.  Get ready to support with used clothes, non-perishables, baby food and other products.  

On Tuesday, April 30, we will hold conferences in the elementary.  Grades PK - Grade 2 will be parent teacher conferences (students will not attend this conference); and Grades 3 - 5 will include students.  Please sign-up for the time that works for you and plan on being on campus for about an hour as there will be opportunity to visit with specials.  We hope that you have read your child’s progress report with your child prior to the conference.  Progress reports were posted on April 11 on your child’s SeeSaw Inbox.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal