ES Jun 4

We carried out our last inspiration project showcase for grades 3-5 last school week. Four years ago, we moved away from traditional homework practices and included inspiration project development as part of our home learning program. Students use the design cycle to inquire into a problem, look for a solution and carry out steps by responding to questions and mapping out their project to showcase.  We want to thank parents for providing expertise, for extending children’s skills, and for celebrating authentic learning. During the summer, we invite you to continue to support your child to inquire about how to support society or the environment, then capture and develop their inspirations together. Here are the forms we use during the school year which you can use as a guide in the summer:

As we reach the last days of school, students will be involved in closure activities in their classrooms.  These include transition activities in preparation for the next school year and also getting their class and resources respectfully organized for the students who will enjoy learning in their space next year. Involving students in packing and organizing supports closure, gives them a sense of responsibility. 

Every year, we collect used backpacks, lunchboxes and school supplies for children in schools with low resources. You can send your donations through June 14 to the Elementary office. 

Inquiry Corner
The PYP ensures to celebrate learning throughout. At this time of year take advantage to carefully watch, listen, and participate with your child about what concepts they have learned, what skills are they practicing, and what areas of Learner Profile your child exemplifies.  

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal