ES Jun 11

So the last week of school has arrived! I am sure you are as proud as we are to celebrate all the growth that has happened this year.  Your children have not only grown academically, but they have also grown from their experiences with their peers, and have gained skills as inquirers, problem solvers, creators, and agents of change. At our end of school assembly, we will highlight each grade level telling a short story of agency.  When children are empowered, feel confident, and develop understanding, they take action and this summer, we invite you to continue the conversations that our fifth graders charged us with during their exhibition: What problem do you care about and how can you make a difference?

Please note that report cards will be ready on Friday, June 14. These will be posted on Skyward and you will receive a reminder with directions of how to access these.  So, please take a moment and read the reports with your children.  These summative narratives provide closure for this school year and you can connect these with the posts that your child has on their personal SeeSaw portfolio.

We want to send a special message to the families who will move to a different location this year:  Thank you for having shared a part of your life with the Cotopaxi community.  Each student brings a special story and those stories contribute to our culture, making us more diverse, better informed and stronger.  May the next experiences bring your family much joy. Keep in touch with your friends and know that you can always reach out to us and come back to visit!

Inquiry Corner

Grade 1 students will showcase their Learn at our PYP Assembly, June 11. They have been inquiring into how people can get their needs met or how we can help others to get their needs met. After learning of the problem of homelessness here in Quito from their Grade 5 buddies, Grade 1 decided to take action in the hopes of making a positive impact. They have decided to raise money to meet some of their basic needs by holding a fundraising fair after the assembly. We invite you to have conversations with your children about what actions we each take that supports other’s needs.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal