MS Oct 1

The above photo is from the Grade 6 Discover Ecuador trip where students are in action helping with and learning about one of the Yunguilla community projects: cheese making! For any MS family, we highly recommend a visit to Yunguilla. The community restaurant is open for lunch on the weekends and there are many trails to explore. Our continued visits will be an incredible way to assist with their sustainable community development program. 

We also have amazing news from the Grade 7 trip. The Ministry of Education was considering closing the school with whom we are working. Representatives from the Ministry visited last week, while we were there, and in large part because of AC’s commitment to the school, it will remain open. Additionally, the Ministry of Education will now provide groceries to the school so that parents and teachers can prepare lunch for the children, as most of them suffer from poor nutrition. Our students also worked with parents to help repair the kitchen. Sustainable development in action!

And from the Grade 8 trip, the Tsachila gained many valuable resources and experiences from hosting AC. Our students helped build a new arts and crafts building, and also provided resources for the bathrooms and showers. As we know, the Tsachila culture is under threat of extinction. Our valuing the conservation of traditions and customs of an indigenous group creates motivation for the Tsachilas themselves to maintain their language, typical dress, and other customs.  We, as outsiders, have the opportunity to help the Shino Pi Bolon cultural center to persevere with their mission of ensuring their culture does not disappear. 

Thanks again to YOU, parents, for your support of this experiential learning week. We will continue to reflect on and use the lessons learned during Discover Ecuador throughout the school year. Teachers will be adding their photos to shared folders. There may not be many when you look today, but please keep checking as they will be added during the week. Grade 8, Grade 7, Grade 6. And, as always, we welcome your feedback. Please email or chat with Sheryl to share your comments. Thanks!

Counselor’s Corner
Resilience is the ability to bounce back from the inevitable adversity, stress, and challenges that life (and especially adolescence) brings. It is not something you are born with or without; it is a skill that kids develop as they grow. The Discover Ecuador trip always provides an opportunity for our students to foster their resilience as they step outside of their comfort zones, navigate challenges, take risks (sometimes healthy, sometimes not-so-healthy) and learn to trust their instincts. As we come back from Discover Ecuador to the comfort of our homes and school, we can continue to assist kids in building that resilience. Take some time to read this article on the 10 Tips for Raising Resilient Kids to find ways to help your child continue to survive and thrive in the face of life’s unavoidable stressors.

Between MAP testing and Discover Ecuador, our schedule has been quite varied over the past few weeks. We look forward to a “regular” week of learning this week.

With kind regards,

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