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Dear Parents,

As you have read in our Director’s newsletter, our family will be moving to the Dominican Republic beginning in August 2020, as I will take on the role of Elementary Principal at the Carol Morgan School. After 25 years at Academia Cotopaxi, you can probably imagine that this decision was a difficult one for my husband and I. We are immensely grateful for every experience that we have had as part of the Cotopaxi family both professionally and personally, and know that Cotopaxi will always have a special place in our hearts.

During my search process, I engaged in many conversations with different leaders, teachers, and parents in different places of the world and was honored to be able to share stories of learning and community that are lived at Cotopaxi. Each of those conversations contributed to my feeling of gratitude for our school and the people who make it all happen.

Our Elementary division is an environment where families and staff members come together with a strong sense of collaboration and every member has a sense of belonging. Our division is truly a special place to be in. The aligned practices related to learning, physical environments, and social-emotional growth are solid, and I know that we will successfully plan for the transition in leadership, so that there is continued improvement in our division.

I am truly privileged to continue to work with our Academia Cotopaxi community throughout this school year and I am committed to contributing towards a smooth transition in leadership. I look forward to each of the interactions I will have with Cotopaxi parents, students, and staff members for the following ten months. 

With great appreciation,

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal