"Spirit Week" begins on Monday, October 28 and we invite you to speak to your children about these fun times. During that week, our elementary students will join their Cougar Buddies on Monday and have an experience celebrating Ecuadorian traditions as they decorate “Guaguas de Pan” and eat “Colada Morada” which the school will provide. Interacting with other members of our community fosters positive relationships and builds empathy and kindness. Your children will share what they learned from their Cougar friends and the traditions from Ecuador and other cultures.

Homeroom teachers will provide information regarding activities for Costume Day. We do ask that you follow the costume day guidelines when deciding on what your child will wear on this day.

Here’s the schedule:
Monday, October 28 - Pajama Day
Tuesday, October 29 - Wacky Day for ES and IMAGINE
Wednesday, October 30 - Costume/Character Day 
Thursday, October 31 - Parade of Nations & 60th Anniversary Celebration. Wear an outfit that represents your nationality for the parade. 
Costume Day Guidelines

  • Costumes should be “child-friendly” and allow for easy movement in order to avoid accidents.
  • Students are asked to refrain from using any of the following:

- Dangerous or intimidating costumes.
- Accessories that can intimidate or present risks such as weapons even if these are toys or small in size.
- Costumes that represent violent characters or can be scary for younger children.
- Masks that cover the face.
- High heels or other clothing that could be inappropriate for elementary-age students.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal