es oct 29

This week your children are bringing joy to our lives through their different expressions. Enjoy these moments.

Here is the schedule:

  • Monday, October 28 - Pajama Day
  • Tuesday, October 29 - Wacky Day for ES and IMAGINE
  • Wednesday, October 30 - Costume/Character Day 
  • Thursday, October 31 - Parade of Nations & 60th Anniversary Celebration. Wear an outfit that represents your nationality for the parade. 

 Costume Day Guidelines

  • Costumes should be “child-friendly” and allow for easy movement in order to avoid accidents.
  • Students are asked to refrain from using any of the following:

- Dangerous or intimidating costumes.
- Accessories that can intimidate or present risks such as weapons even if these are toys or small in size.
- Costumes that represent violent characters or can be scary for younger children.
- Masks that cover the face.
- High heels or other clothing that could be inappropriate for elementary-age students.

Paola de Pereira
Elementary School Principal