Next Tuesday, January 30, we will host our Student Led Conferences, we hope you are able to attend. Specialist teachers: Art, Music (Piano, Band, Orchestra), Design Tech, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Health and Physical Education teachers will be in the Learning Commons. Core course teachers: Economics, Math, Spanish, English, Social Studies and Sciences will be in their classrooms. If a conference is going on in a classroom or the Learning Commons, please wait a few minutes in order to speak to that teacher, or move onto a different teacher and return at a later time.

Students have reflected on their goals from Semester I. Many students have been successful in completing their Semester I goal, others have re-written a goal to make it more accessible. We have asked all students to provide evidence for their next goals, defining in which area they now need to turn their attention. Evidence may take the form of feedback from a teacher on a rubric, an essay, lab report, etc. in which your child would like to improve.

Our role during the SLC, both parents and teachers, is to listen and ask probing questions which require your child to think. Silence is a powerful motivator to provoke thinking and communication.

Please familiarize yourself with our Approaches to Learning (ATL) rubric. Much of our conversation on Tuesday will focus on how your child’s ATLs have developed during first semester and in which areas they should now focus. Again, we want our students and your child to be reflective here, he/she should be able to identify their strengths and areas of growth.

Our focus on ATL’s is clearly where education is headed for our next generation. With so much information being readily accessible by all, your child’s approach to learning will help define his/her ability to interact with that information in responsible, caring and creative ways.

Conferences will run from 8:00 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. We look forward to conferencing with your child.

Counseling Corner
Students in 9th-11th grades have been working on their course selections for next year. Please come see me during conferences or make an appointment if you would like to discuss your student’s path toward graduation.

FCD Follow-up: Check out this video that speaks about countries that allow earlier drinking ages, and the idea of an adolescent learning to drink.

IB Corner
Full IB Diploma candidates in grade 11 have started ToK and the EE this semester. Good luck to all of them as they are on this challenging academic track!

Cougar’s Corner
Athletics Teams have a busy week ahead. Our Varsity Teams will be playing at Menor for the QISSA Semi-Final round on Monday. On Tuesday morning, our Varsity Boys Basketball Team is heading to the CAISSA Tournament hosted by ISPS in Trinidad. The tournament runs from Wednesday to Saturday. Athletes will return on Sunday the 28th. On Tuesday, it is the turn of our JV Boys Basketball Team to play in the QISSA Semi-Finals. They are traveling to Alliance with the hope of securing a spot in the finals.

Garth Wyncoll
High School Principal