Photo: Collaborative art expressions based on play and synergy

This is a busy week for our elementary students and families.  We have kicked-off with the visit of the first candidate for director position.  As he toured our elementary, Bill Kralovec (candidate for Director of AC) noticed that children were happy, working collaborative, and teachers were active and enthusiastic.  It is always great to see observers describe the amazing learning that happens in our school.

On Tuesday, March 13, we will host an Inspiration Project Showcase for grades 3-5 beginning at 8:10.  Thank you for supporting your children to pursue their passions and develop their personal interests.  Then, on Wednesday, March 14, students who are in the Talent Show will have a dress rehearsal at 3:10.  Please make sure that if your child is staying for the dress rehearsal, you have completed a Change of Transportation Form.  All students staying for the dress rehearsal must be accompanied by a parent.

Third Grade students are gearing up for their PYP presentation on Friday, March 16.  All Third Grade parents are invited to attend.  The PYP assembly will begin at 8:10 a.m.  All PYP assemblies have an inquiry focus and highlight the different PYP profile attributes.  These student designed and student implemented assemblies provide a wonderful opportunity for children to showcase their learning, and for other students to learn from their peers.  If you would like to read more about the PYP (Primary Years Program), we invite you to browse the IB PYP website.

I look forward to seeing you here for the (Director of AC) candidate presentations.  Your elementary perspective on the candidates is truly important for the future of our school.  

Paola de Pereira
ES Principal