Congratulations to our swim team for this past weekend’s efforts. Well done! 

Our JV Basketball team took 5th place and our JV Soccer team took 3rd. Well done students and coaches.

I’d like to thank Mr. Bordaguibel and Mr. Voeller for running IB exams over the holiday. They monitored two exams. We also had an IB officer come to inspect our examination room and exam storage room. Both met the IB’s standards and we are all good to go for future exams. Thank you again to Mr. Bordaguibel for his fastidious and exact routines and safety measures.

IB Corner 
Seniors have started their IB exams and next week AC Final exams will also begin. Last stretch and good luck to our Class of 2018.

College Counseling Corner 
During lunchtime in the College Center the following universities will come to visit:
Thursday: Notre Dame & University of Virginia 
Friday: Johns Hopkins University, Barnard College & University of Chicago 

Sophomores and Juniors: Ms. Bellande will be hosting an SAT Essay Mini Workshop on Thursday May 3rd from 3pm-4pm in preparation for the SAT on Saturday, May 5th. 

Garth Wyncoll
HS Principal