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MAP Testing - MAP testing is taking place in the Middle School May 15, 16, and 17. Please read this communication from Mr. Reber, the MS MAP coordinator:

At Academia Cotopaxi, students from 3rd to 10th grade have been taking tests called Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®)  since 2014. The data gathered for our school has illustrated our students’ strengths and learning needs, they have helped teachers target their instruction and have provided administrators with valuable information to make school wide decisions. This is an important assessment and we want our students to take it seriously every time.

On May 15, 16, and 17 middle school students will take their 3rd of 3 MAP® tests, given throughout the year. We give students MAP® tests to determine students’ instructional level and to measure academic growth throughout the school year.  Students will take the tests on their own computers during morning Cougar Time. Please note that students do not need to study for the MAP tests because it is meant to measure accumulated learning to date.

MAP tests are unique in that they are an adaptive test which means that the test adjusts to each student’s learning level, providing a unique set of test questions based on their responses to previous questions. As the student responds to questions, the test responds to the student, adjusting up or down in difficulty. As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.  

Following each testing period, you will receive a report showing your child’s growth. Your son/daughter’s teacher will conference with him/her providing next steps to work on areas of growth. You can help your child take this test seriously by valuing the results and discussing them with your child.
For more information on resources for parents, visit this page, and please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Ideas to keep in mind:

  • Three tests will be administered during the week (Math, Language Usage, Reading).
  • This test is used in multiple ways to support learning so please encourage and support your son or daughter to take this seriously.
  • As always, get a good night sleep and don’t skip breakfast.
  • Remind your son/daughter to bring a book. If they finish early they can read.

John Reber
MS MAP Coordinator

Coming up:
Concert season begins this week! 
Piano Concert, grades 6-12, Thursday, May 10
Band Concert, grades 4-12, Tuesday, May 15 
Orchestra concert, grades 4-12, Thursday, May 17 
All concerts will take place at 6:00 p.m
We look forward to celebrating the musicality of our middle schoolers!

With kind regards,

Sheryl Gruber
Middle School Principal
(593-2) 382-3270 ext. 2001

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