WIDA International Symposium


Improve School-Wide Systems for Multilingual Learners
The WIDA Symposium is a forum for innovation and reciprocal learning. You will learn about new resources and developments from WIDA. Together we will explore the latest research and connect with scholars from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We will also showcase innovation from across the WIDA International School Consortium; you will be able to share both your questions and your good ideas with colleagues from around the region.

Who should attend: The Symposium is an exclusive benefit for members of the WIDA International School Consortium. A Symposium is the next step to support action planning and implementation for educators who have already used WIDA resources. Participants must have previous training and experience with WIDA. We encourage teams of EAL teachers, administrators and classroom/subject teachers to attend together.

Presenters: WIDA
Date: 14,15-Feb-20
Place: AC Community Room (ACCR)
Audience: Members of the WIDA International School Consortium